Mosquito Repellent Shea Body Butter

One of our most PURPOSEFUL butters that's really worked for people from West Africa to California.

Ward off mosquitoes and other bugs by using our natural hand whipped African shea butter that is infused with organic neem oil and a blend of eucalyptus and lemon essential oil.

Repel bugs naturally while saving the environment and protecting and moisturizing your skin all at once. The neem oil mixed with coconut oil gives protection from more than one species of mosquitoes (tested and approved).

The lemon eucalyptus essential oil on the other hand provides a natural fresh scent that's also a natural repellent and adds to the power of this silky shea body butter.


Over 150 bioactive compounds (potential health benefits to offer for many issues)  

Reduces occurrence of acne

Bug repellent

Anti-fungal, anti bacterial

2% neem oil mixed in coconut oil provided 96-100% protection from different types of mosquito

Native to India & Africa, especially the Sub-saharan 

*Kills Malaria in mosquitos & used for natural remedy in Malaria & Covid cases during the pandemic 


Bug repellent

Skin infections-antibacterial 

Aromatherapy energy booster

Contains 85% citronellal, natural bug repellent and common ingredient in cosmetic industry 

What are the benefits?

Our skin repellent promotes cell renewal and protects your skin from the harming effects of the sun. It also has inflammatory and anti-aging features and the essential oils are natural repellents.The mosquito repellent also repels mosquitoes and other bugs.

Available in 4oz & 8oz

100% Organic Ingredients West African shea butter, coconut oil, cold pressed neem oil and eucalyptus lemon essential oil. #leadwithlove

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