Intermittent Fasting for Health & Wellness

Intermittent Fasting has helped me feel more connected spiritually to life during self care rituals like reading, meditating, running, singing. With no food in the gut, there's more room for more energy in the body. Digestion is one of the most expensive systems to run in the body.

5 things to know about fasting and look up yourself

1. Fasting is not abstaining, it’s choosing a window of time to eat most of your food
2. Fasting reduces free radical damage, which regulates inflammatory conditions in the body and starves off cancer cell formation
3. Fasting Increases insulin sensitivity helping your blood sugar stay balanced
4. Fasting Regulates digestion and promotes healthy bowel function
5. Improves brain function and nervous system firing for better learning & performance
Holistic Wellness involves looking at your nutrition and considering the energetic quality of food going in. Fasting is like an eating meditation where you slow down time and can really feel into your eating experience. You enjoy it more, take it more seriously with your choices, and really curb that strong force we call "desire.' 

It's not a surprise fasting can also clear the skin up. the body's immune and regenerative energies are boosted when theres no digestion work to do. This is why fasting has been, for centuries, a practice of cleansing and resetting the body to it's natural functions. So much foreign substances enter the body through food & drink, polluted air, and in the bathroom, that we are prone to needing a cleanse via natural reset every once in a while. 

Fasting for just one day has shown to help the body detox toxins and regulate the functioning of other major organs of the body like liver and kidneys.

Do your own research before fasting so you can go into it educated to make the best choices and learn the most about yourself. I've been fasting on and off since 2011 in different ways and times of the day. Lately I've been on the "warrior" style that mimics an indigenous diet where you have to go work and get your food then feast at night and dance around a fire. I don't do the last part, unless you count lighting candles for dinner. 

Wishing you the realest healing journey and reminding you to lead with love.

If you need help building a workable system for your personal wellness or business, contact Goddess, your Holistic Wellness Coach


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