How to DIY Shea Butter

DIY shea butter is going to open up a whole new world of wellness for you.

3 Goals of this DIY Shea Butter Course:

  1. Learn how to make your own natural skincare with shea butter at home
  2. Identify unique properties of different oils and what’s best for your skin goals
  3. Understand your skincare & ingredients from a holistic perspective

You’ll use easy-to-find, rich, organic ingredients to prepare your own moisturizers for your body, face, and hair. Get raw shea butter from Nigeria here for your DIY recipes. 

We’re going natural, no more factory-made products with chemicals. Instead, you’re learning how to make your own luxurious skincare at home, for half the price and all the benefits.

OR keep reading to find out how DIY skincare might change your life too!

Meet the DIY Queen

My name is Goddess, Courtney Garner if you wanna Google me.

diy shea butter

I started my health and wellness career as a licensed nurse. Then went on to professional training in Mindfulness, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, and Sound Healing. Through accrued hours of training and practice, I became a certified Sexologist by ACSI and served my community through holistic wellness coaching and energy healing. 

How that lead into this DIY skincare journey? It didn't. I've been a DIYer all my life, from sewing my own clothes and costumes, refinishing furniture, and sound proofing my studio. So DIY is what your should expect from me.

This is my shea butter story (don’t know if that’s a thing but I hope it catches on):

Next, I started looking for natural skincare alternatives because the stuff I was getting from the store was giving me eczema. It wasn't moisturizing enough, and as I was battling a lot of stress at the time from work and home..

Apparently, I didn’t even know I was that stressed until I started learning more about natural healing and being aware of how my environment and products were affecting my comfort and confidence

When you strive to live as close to natural as possible,  you get rid of the store-bought products and get raw ingredients to make skincare in the kitchen. 

I knew if I made my own skincare, then I would avoid the chemicals and carcinogens. 

toxic skincare ingredients

From online research and buying from local ladies at the market, I discovered shea butter and all the other kinds of butter. I spent hundreds of hours digesting DIY recipes online and on YouTube, making skincare solutions for myself and my family.

I tried a thousand diy skincare recipes over the years and settled on my favorite base — shea butter. 

The biggest reason was this: I realized I hadn’t had any eczema rashes in a while, and other people I gave it to said the same thing. Others noticed their skin was obviously healthier and smoother. 

The silky texture of shea butter and how well it absorbs were also selling points for me. Nothing moisturizes like shea butter, because it is similar to what our skin makes naturally and absorbs completely. 

shea butter facts

I became my own diy skincare queen and made shea body butter for myself, along with black soap body wash & face wash,  shea body scrubs, and eventually, friends and family were my my loyal customers for almost 3 years before making it a real thing. So it was a confident step forward to offer GreenBody products to the world.

shea butter nigeria A trip to Nigeria in 2020 gave me the opportunity to bring GreenBody back home to see and feel the beautiful richness of West Africa, where shea butter originates. The best part was building friendships with my suppliers and knowing the extensive work that goes into making quality shea butter. 

Today, I am sharing some of the knowledge I’ve learned over the years with you, so you too can get the healthy skin, body, and hair you love.

diy skincare course I am here for you, so if you ever want to reach out, you can reply to my email or hit me up on social media:



GET READY to have your mind blown when you understand how easy and healthier it is for you to make your own skincare. 

Lead with love,

Goddess oxo

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