How I started my Shea Butter Business with Mindfulness

Hey Fam! If you've been following me since the beginning, you know we've made some changes in content and the brand. In this video, I'm sharing how I got started with GreenBody Wellness and how I'm intentionally creating a life that gives me the results I need and want, including products that do the same for my skin. Can you believe this started with my usual DIY behavior?

3 Life TIPS from shea butter

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Stick to the formula
  3. Be as good inside as you are outside


Shea Butter Says Keep it Simple:

Keeping it simple is not only something to apply in skin care products, but just keeping your life load and the things you have to be responsible for, as simple as possible. When you're starting a business there's a lot to learn, a lot of new information to absorb,a lot of failures AKA lessons to be had, but it makes sense, you're getting to know and build a relationship with your business. I remember when my business went from side hustle to “I don't want to let this thing die, I want to see it grow” That’s When I knew it was serious, and there was a need for me to learn more and get better at what I wanted to put out to the world. Hustles come and go but a business can last forever. In building my wellness business and shea butter products, I keep my family in mind, my sister, my twin nieces, my extended family, who is mostly composed of non blood-related people that have been loyal and loving for many years.  I'm building something that will help people  live healthier lives, have empowered relationships, and really know themselves by being mindful about what goes on in and around their bodies. That's what I mean by holistic.

Simplicity helps your gifts shine. We tend to see a lot of options in front of us and try all 10 options at once, hoping one will deliver and just ending up confused. But if you know and trust what you’re doing (your ingredients) you can repeat what works and spend more time refining. Refining is fun! Refining means you’re already at a place of competence & confidence, you know you have something good on,, now it's time to make little tweaks and observe. This is where we learn the most and enjoy learning. Expect mistakes and appreciate them for the new information that comes with making mistakes. 


Stick to the formula 

I started making body butter with cocoa butter first, eventually making my way to liking shea butter the most for it's consistency and absorption. Imagine, after all the work and experimenting I did, to come to the conclusion of sticking with shea butter as my main butter, I chose to switch it up? How would my customers feel about that? Or, if I took everybody's favorite scent which is peace and changed a major part of that formula to produce a different result?  why would I do that right? That's what you should ask yourself sometimes, when you found a great from formula that works, and you scrap it or something new and exciting. There is a time to change your formula up though, and that's when your ingredients are no longer available, or the formula has been improved enough to make an impact. 


My last shea butter inspired point is “be as good on the inside as you are on the outside.” This speaks to inner and outer beauty, how you look vs. how you feel inside, how it looks to be you versus how it feels to be you. There're so many beautiful smells and fragrances to use in body products, but coming from personal experience enjoying the scent was not enough to enjoy the itching and irritation that came along with perfume chemicals. For this reason, I always find natural solutions to fragrance like essential oils and herbal infusion, versus going the cheaper and easier route of using artificial perfumes.  Besides, there's been enough studies to show artificial perfumes are carcinogens and can contribute to chronic illnesses and cancer with prolonged use over time. So I threw everything away and started making my own skincare, haircare and body care in the kitchen. 


For the sake of keeping it simple, in the GreenBody shop, we have a few varieties of body butter made from shea butter castor oil and coconut oil in the shop. I started with peace because everyone needs to relax and lavender is really great at calming the nervous system, and promoting a relaxed environment. Gratitude is a reminder to be grateful each day and maintain that high vibration being grateful. The repellent butter is just really useful and effective at repelling mosquitoes and reducing the inflammation that comes when you go out unprotected.  And for the purists, the unscented butter and plain shea is always an option. You can also buy GRADE A ivory shea butter in bulk HERE. 


I believe the energy of how I create flows through the products, and my content and that’s simply how I am living my purpose to heal. 

This is just the beginning of my shea butter business and the healing we’ll accomplish as a community by changing our lifestyles to strengthen our natural power to heal. 

When you're living in your purpose, all the pieces you thought had no place seem to fall together perfectly. Thank you for following, ordering body butter, and being a part of my adventure. #leadwithlove oxo


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