Gratitude Ginger Vanilla Shea Body Butter

"Gratitude" reminds you of a vacation on an island. And in that moment, I BET you'd feel grateful.

Handmade by Goddess. 100% pure, natural African shea butter blend that was hand whipped and includes ginger, lime and vanilla essential oils.


Reduces cellulite


Pain reduction


Diminishes scars

Fights acne

Promotes healthy cells to replace old ones (Apoptosis)


Vanilin prevents acne 

Slows aging signs with 

Anti-oxidant, B vitamins Niacin Thiamin 

Speeds wound healing

Calms skin irritation

LIME BENEFITS ( just a splash)

Fights acne as anti-bacterial 

Citric Acid diminishes scars

Boosts collagen to improve skin tone & tightness

Cover yourself with Gratitude and ignite enjoyment with every application. 

What are the benefits?

There are a wide array of benefits like restoring a natural glow and promoting healthy cells through the amino acid component. The oils used in our Body Butter also promote anti-aging and are also anti-inflammatory and can be used for aroma therapeutic massages. The essential oil blend creates an enjoyable and holistic experience. Ginger stimulates collagen in the skin to give it that smooth, firm glow, while promoting cell renewal and reducing dull, patchy skin.

100% Organic Ingredients The ingredients include; West African shea butter, west African raw coconut oil, cold pressed castor oil and organic essential oil blend for aromatherapy & glowing skin. #leadwithlove

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I even wrote about Gratitude in this song

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