DIY Toothpaste with Cacao

Hey Fam! Here's the short version of the #diytoothepaste

If you missed the live, heres the link

This was a first time try and I loved the result, NEVER buying toothpaste again!

Do some research on fluoride toxicity and really look at the ingredients in your toothpaste, where they come from, and if it's not naturally derived or grow, throw it away.

Keep your body products holistically healthy. I got some of the ingredients on Amazon, Ebay and at Sprouts. #chooseorganic

The Recipe 2 Tbsp Food Grade Bentonite Clay

2 Tbsp Cacao powder

1 tsp Calcium Powder ( food grade)

1/2 tsp Granulated xylitol or Stevia

4 drop Cinnamon Essential Oil ( could also use Peppermint)

4 drops Vanilla Extract

4 Tbsp melted coconut oil

10 drop trace minerals or magnesium Combine Dry ingredients Stir in Coconut oil & liquid ingredients until completely mixed. Store in glass jar or fillable toothpaste dispensing tube. ENJOY!

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Music by @karlton.x

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