Organic Neem Oil
Organic Neem Oil

Organic Neem Oil

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Organic Neem Oil for hair, skin, nails

Available in 30ml glass dropper bottle

Another superfood from Africa whos oil is extracted and used for natural healing and cell repair. Used for repairing damaged hair, reducing blemishes including pimples. Use it to get your hair and skin back to a healthy glow.

Popular Uses for Neem Oil 

  • Spot treatment acne
  • scalp treatment for thin and damaged hair
  • Treat Dry skin & wrinkles 
  • Reduce Scars 
  • Minimize warts & moles 

DIY Suggestions

  • Add a couple drops to shea butter for nighttime slugging
  • Mix with aloe gel to treat scars
  • Add a couple drops to shea butter and massage into thinning spots weekly
  • Add a few drops to honey and lemon face mask every other week
  • Add a tsp to lotion or body butter to repel insects like mosquitos 

Our Neem Oil is pure and unrefined to retain in natural compounds and wellness benefits

Despite its strong odor, Neem is still highly valued for it’s amazing results!  It's often referred to as the Miracle Tree because it's traditional holistic uses in India and Africa span from wound care, contraception, hair growth, and anti-fungal among others.