Chebe OIl + Butter Healthy Hair Bundle
Chebe OIl + Butter Healthy Hair Bundle
Chebe OIl + Butter Healthy Hair Bundle

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Chebe OIl + Butter Healthy Hair Bundle

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Our luxurious Chebe hair butter is named "Crown" to remind you to love and respect your hair. 

Its a bundle!

1 Chebe OIl 30ml glass dropper bottle ($36.99 Value)

1 Whipped Chebe Butter 4 oz jar  ($26.99 Value)

The master formula for unparalleled moisture, length, strength, and smells like nothing you've ever experienced.  Its sweet, smoky, floral, and fruity, food for your hair! 

ALL NATURAL formula with fenugreek  and Amla  fruit will help your hair swing, bounce and shine!

Available in 4 oz jar 
Our potent Chebe Oil was infused over 10 days in low heat to make a luxurious hair butter that works to retain length and reduce breakage.  


Chebe originates from Chad and is a brown, dirt-like herbal mixture made up of tree resin, cherry seeds, lavender and cloves, lavender croton, and stone scent, but mixtures can vary depending on the source. We've combined the amazing benefits of shea butter with the magical herbal mix called Chebe and fenugreek leaves from India. Fenugreek adds iron and protein to support hair growth. 

Our Shea butter is from Nigeria and promotes optimal moisturizing, and protects your hair against infections & fungi that could be limiting your hair growth.

Used for repairing damaged hair, whether relaxed, dyed, thin from tight braids, this hair butter is made to get your hair back on track to health. 


Raw Shea Butter, Authentic Chebe Powder from Chad, Amla fruit, Grape seed oil, Castor oil, Raw Coconut oil, Fenugreek dried leaves & seeds, Neem oil.