Silky Body Oil Anti-chafing Thigh Rub Brightening Glow
chafing oil
chafing oil
chafing oil

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Silky Body Oil Anti-chafing Thigh Rub Brightening Glow

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Thick thighs save lives, but they also rub together and cause pain, irritation, and dark marks. 

Ari Bines

Our silky body oil is made with 100% organic oil blend to absorb into your skin, soothe the irritation, and provide the lubrication for thighs to glide across each other like friendly neighbors. 

  • Doesn't get sticky
  • Light silky finish
  • Works to brighten dark chafing marks
  • Reduces bumps & irritation
  • Carries easily in your purse without leaking
  • HIbiscus & Sweet orange oil works to brighten dark marks WATCH HOW ITS MADE!

Comes in a 3 oz squeeze bottle with safety leak proof cap 

Ingredients: Avocado Oil, African Hibiscus OIl, Safflower OIl, Grape-seed oil, and a Citrus Essential Oil Blend, all organic! 

This product is Seasonal so get it while it's here. WATCH HOW ITS MADE

African Hibiscus has more Vitamin C than oranges and tomatoes, making it a superior source for skincare. Vitamin C reduces inflammation from chub rub, while helping to brighten the hyperpigmentation and scars that come from friction. 

Use it all over your body, including hair, since African hibiscus also reduces dandruff and supports healthy hair follicles.  Our silky body oil is good for you head to toe! 

*Fine sediment is natural and comes from the 10 day hibiscus botanical infusion process

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