Self Care Breast & Lymph Massage

Breast massage is not only a great way to relax and connect positively with your body, but it's ineffective self-care practice that could save your life. 

 We've all heard  the advice to do frequent self exam to detect any unusual lumps that could be cancerous. But let's be real, most of us aren't doing  breast massage as often as we should, or not as thoroughly as we could.  

I feel like the missing link to that is finding enjoyment in your breast massage and getting to know your body. if we are motivated by disease and death, that might not work for long-term motivation. but if we can approach rest massage as part of are self care that we enjoy, our awareness and responsibility to our health and wellness goes to another level.

This blog will approach breast massage with healing intention and relaxation.

Self Care can be what you make it, make it something you like. First, set intention and bring the mind, heart, and meaningful action to the breast. 

It's important to massage not only the breast, but the armpits, where your lymph nodes are the most concentrated, breastbone, and collarbone.

 Breast massage for Health and Wellness

  • Breast massage releases tension and stagnant fat that could cause blockages in the breast tissue that lead to illness.
  • Breast massage stimulates the release of oxytocin, which is responsible for our bonding in relationships, and the release of stress and negative emotions.
  •  Breast massage stimulates sensitivity of the nipples to experience more pleasure.
  •  For nursing mothers, breast massage increases circulation and helps the flow of milk during breastfeeding. 

 The importance of armpit massage

There is a high concentration of lymph nodes in the armpits. this is also a very absorbent part of the body, meaning it's sensitive to products like deodorant and detergents. Being intentional about using natural products on your body, especially the armpits, will reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and carcinogens. 

Most deodorants contain chemicals that dry and toughen the skin, usually leaving it hyper-pigmented and dry.  The main ingredient in deodorant we should be aware of is aluminum. The body doesn't metabolize it and eventually ends up storing it in places it doesn't belong, like the brain.

 High risk for Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer have been linked to aluminum containing deodorants.

The truth is you don't really need to wear deodorant.

Armpits are meant to sweat and release Heat to balance out your temperature.

The chemicals in regular deodorant dry out the skin and leave it dark and leathery, creating an unhealthy environment, expecting  healthy function. Let's do better.

 If our bodies were meant to use aluminum to stop sweat and odor, I'm sure the body would be able to process it.

Deodorant stops us from touching our armpits, creating an aversion to them versus including them into your self-care and moisturizing routine.

Watch this video and follow along to do an easy but effective breast massage that you'll probably enjoy and want to repeat. Self-care can always be a part of our Lives we enjoy, I mean, we do enjoy being healthy right? You can't skip the road to health and the habits we need to maintain it.

Add GreenBody Butter to your self care routine and breast massage. 

The ingredients cultivate PEACE. Made with lavender sage and lemon + whipped shea butter, castor oil and coconut oil, all Organic from West Africa.

The aromatherapy of the lavender and Sage add to the cleansing effect of massaging your lymph nodes and filling your body with positive energy and relaxation. 

The lemon helps to brighten the darkness caused by pit neglect. It’s time to love all your skin.

Let me know how you like the video by sharing and leaving comments or questions. 

-Lead with Love, Goddess oxox


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