Benefits of Coconut oil in your Natural Skin Care

Coconut oil is one of our favorite carrier oils that make essential oils work for our benefit. 

A carrier oil "carries" the essential oils into the skin layers so that it can actually use its gifts in your skin. Without a carrier oil, essential oils may just sit on top and evaporate into this air, taking its benefits with it. 

Coconut oil is safe and edible. That’s the beauty behind using it in body products, it’s good for you inside and out…abundant and affordable.  How many lotions, face creams, deodorants, BB creams can you safely EAT?

coconut oil

BENEFITS for Skin & Hair

  1. Skincare: Psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, prevents sagging, wrinkles, absorbs into skin.
  2. Hair care: provide protein to  strengthen hair
  3. Healing and Infections : speeds up the healing process of tissues with amino acids and provides a protective layer on wounds when applied topically. 
  1. Carrier Oil: Coconut oil helps essential oils seep into tissues for effectiveness, so its a great oil to add in your shea butter moisturizers.

 That’s why coconut oil has the heart of skincare DIY’ers, because of a long history of health benefits and natural cures.  

Do you know some chemicals from products enter through your skin? 

I personally like to know what’s going in and on my body, so that long list of  ingredients my lotion bottle, some being harsh chemicals, presented a problem for me and showed us eczema, dry cracked skin, and dark marks.

DIY Coconut Body Oil Recipe 

Unlike those times as a kid, where I would mix lotion with random kitchen ingredients to make a “magic potion”, this coconut oil recipe is sensible, effective, and comes will natural healing benefits from Mother Nature herself. 

The reason I use it:

  • The scent puts a smile on my face, like smelling a rose bush. 
  • The texture is light, thin, and rubs in all the way
  • The afterglow makes my skin illuminate
  • Scars seem to fade faster
  • Dries completely and leaves skin soft


I’ve been using this body oil for photoshoots, when I want my skin to pop and bring out it’s natural beauty. 

Coconut Body Oil Recipe (8oz)

1/3 C Organic Coconut Oil, or MCT oil to avoid solidifying 

2/3 C Grape seed Oil

10-20 drops Essential Oils


  1. Melt the coconut oil on the stove in a shallow pot of water
  2. Add Grapeseed oil 
  3. Add your essential oils and blend with a hand mixer or shake your jar profusely for 1 minute 
  4. Adjust the scent by adding more according to your tastes

My Favorite Flavor Combos…

Frankincense & myrrh which we customize for you

vanilla & ginger like Gratitude 

Lavender & sage like Peace 

body butter

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