5 Secrets of Emotional Intelligence to Heal your Relationships

You CAN have healthy, healing relationships that allow you to be vulnerable, 100% real, and will leave you feeling spiritually fed on a regular basis. That's normal. Toxic, fake relationships are not, but we have to unlearn and heal to get there. In this emotional intelligence video, I share 5 secrets of emotional intelligence that I'm still working with now, to heal my relationship trauma, and build new healthy ones right now. I'm practicing and not perfect, just the way it should be! There's 5 Pillars to practice: 1. Self Awareness: knowing yourself and understanding your emotions vs being confused and conflicted by them. Acceptance is what we need to heal. 2. Empathy: Being able to get outside yourself and experience the perspective of others is a missing link in our world that creates wars, and toxic behaviors that kill relationships. 3. Self Regulation: Can you be present with your emotions without making rash decisions or projecting on others? Do you say things out of anger to make the other person hurt like you? 4. Social skills: Understanding the language of energy, what the body is saying, what the energy behind the words is conveying, and being able to read the room as well. Social skills are on the low post pandemic so next chance you get, try having a present, engaging convo with someone. Make eye contact and make a real connection. 5. Motivation: That special sauce of emotional intelligence that is self driven conviction to do better, feel better, and have better experiences. You know the difference, sometimes people just don't care enough to try and say, " this is how I am" (shoulder shrug) If you find yourself complaining about crappy connections and relationships, put the effort and accountability in to do something about it. Have that awkward conversation, say whats on your mind, be honest about how you feel, and stop faking the funk to get along. Oh, and #leadwithlove Giving some attention to your Emotional intelligence is a gift to your self. I hope you beign to experience your emotions as a loving conversation with your Self, a positive exchange of information and feedback with others. Emotional intelligence will help you be the captain, not the ship, bc there’s going to be some storms! Thanks for watching! I appreciate you XOXO -Goddess Did you Subscribe yet? Follow Us on Social! Wellness Products https://www.instagram.com/itsgreenbody/ Meta https://www.facebook.com/itsGreenBody TikTok https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe5meM3p/ YT Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwCa67GRljvr8NH5aDv4SGA Wellness Services: https://www.instagram.com/goddessinthemirror/ PODCAST LINK https://open.spotify.com/show/51aBZ89hH7dGHu2RbCuRZC

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