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Biggest Challenges for new Meditators & TIPS  to enhance your Meditation Practice.

When I first started meditating, my mind was so busy, I wanted a switch to turn it off, not really dream bc I couldn’t sleep, but more like laying awake in the dark wishing for it. I never found that switch, but with meditation, I was able to feel at peace in my mind and be present for life. Presence improves awareness and without it, we miss a lot of our precious moments.

Meditation gradually shifts the frequency of our entire being to a more balanced vibration that feels like home to you. That's what it means to be grounded. 

I’ve poured a lot of love and intention into my guided meditations, knowing that it would become a valuable tool in raising our vibrations and maintaining the health.

Meditation Tips

  1. Unclench your jaws. Nothing is forced when following the breath. Loose jaws equal a relaxed body. If you’re already tight in the jaws, everything below that (your whole body) is experiencing subtle tension. This is the subtle tension that slowly chokes out our organs, depriving them of O2, blood, and Prana, our basic essence. Unclenching can be as simple as a quick body check before during the day.
  2. Meditate without silence. Noise is noise and will always be noise, let it be.  If you ever experience “quiet” you might notice it’s never really quiet so complete silence is just not realistic.
  3. Frequency over longevity. Meditating in short increments throughout the day will give you over 3x more effectiveness than lets say doing it for 30 mins 2-3x a week. The brain needs repetition to teach new habits and override the old ones. That means a quick 3min guided meditation to help you balance your stress can be a powerful tool.

Guided meditation, a practice of surrender, letting go of the brains tendency to follow your random thoughts, and surrendering to the present experience.

With practice, you’ll notice improvements in your sustained presence and short term recall, especially when having conversation.

I appreciate technology, its made running a business and connecting with people easy, but technology has dulled our ability to maintain presence, often drifting off into
Lalaland or randomly following thoughts til something snaps our attention back momentarily. This less than 5 second gold fish attention span is no joke, and unfortunately it seems to be the norm.

WHATS really going on?

• People are finding it harder to feel and sense a connection with others and themselves. As humans, we need connection to feel whole and actually enjoy life.

  • Constant buzzing of brain activity and invisible light from screens leads to insomnia and decreases restoration time needed each time we sleep. That means your brain and body are in a constant marathon, that eventually tires the system and wears down that joints.
  • With mental stress, comes physical stress. Clenched jaws and hunched shoulders are the things that lead to headaches, migraine and actually most chronic illness we know can stem from long term sustained tension and insufficient breathing.

Meditating 5 mins at a time does a whole lot more for you than those once a week or month meditations. 

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