Why Mindfulness is Winning

Who Knew the Key to Healing our Roots Issues was so Simple?​

Observation is the Key to Somatic Healing

If you live on this Earth, chances are you have some form trauma that you are, or aren’t aware of. Let’s be clear, even if you’re not aware it, trauma is still affecting our daily actions and experiences. The Good News is It's not a bad thing. I think of my experiences healing trauma and old habits as an adventure, because each experience has so much to tell you about yourself and existence overall. Trust me, it's a beautiful thing. 

If you think that’s an exaggeration, let me help you expand the idea of what trauma is…

Trauma is any experience, direct or indirect, that's overwhelming to the nervous system, and causes adaptations (changes) in our expression. Changes in expression mean gene expression, personality, verbal, creative etc. Traumatic events can often rewire us to exhibit different behaviors than before the trauma. 

This could be a prominent memory like physical or emotional abuse, or a progressive scarring that happens over time, like constantly being told to “shut up” as a child.

Sometimes it’s obvious how traumatic events affect us physically, like pain during sex if you have been sexually abused in the past.

If you constantly hold tension in your body, like shoulders, neck, jaws, lower back, For men, tightness in the perineum when you’re flaccid (word of the day) can be a manifestation of trauma, often accompanied by blue balls.

I’ve noticed this is often connected with shame and guilt surrounding sexual experiences.

The inability to orgasm(anorgasmia)  or feel pleasure in your full genitalia, (clit, head of penis, vagina, shaft, all a dat) can be a sign of stress being held in the body, the physical manifestation of a trauma.


WATCH this video on refining Observation vs Judgment, the key to healing with mindfulness.  We value intellect so much, it can be hard to shut the hell up and OBSERVE without making up a story, creating labels, or philosophizing our spirituality. 

When awareness reveals t we have some mental blocks or negative patterns hindering  us from experiencing full happiness and wholeness , we can use the body as our guide to mindful healing.

A lot of times you can’t mentally process your way through emotional blocks, so instead of thinking, how do you feel?

You don’t need to struggle and try to figure it all out at once or even quickly.  These things take time so practicing  patience with ourselves is how to do it without reinforcing the very blocks that need to be cleared.goddessinthemirror

Let’s talk about how you experience the past on a regular basis.

  1. Traumatic events happens, or
  2. are re-experienced through memory that's been triggered. 

2. Emotional energy connected with this event moves out of its stagnant position as your sympathetic nervous system is activated.

3. The system goes into flight or fight mode, or if already in mild stress mode, the patterns are engrained deeper into the nervous system program.

It’s like going up the rollercoaster to the top, and you’re waiting, ready to take the drop, but instead of falling through to the bottom, you stay at the stop steadily waiting to fall.  So even though the threat is gone, the body still perceives danger.

Waiting at the top of roller coaster is stressful.

How can be observe these energetic experiences and heal from them?

  1. Remember to Observe with love and not Judge.  Be your Best Friend💞
  2.  Become conscious of you breathing and how it feels to be in your body.

Practice..consistently. When they ask you where you learn how to grow, tell 'em #itsgreenbodybaby 

-Lead with Love 💚 oxo  Goddess


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