BTS Building Family Business with Shea Butter

I had this vision years ago, actually since my nieces were born, to have a place in my business ready for them.  Growing up in Orange County poverty had it's affect on my self esteem, but somehow I never lost faith that it would get better. 

Now as those dreams unfold before my eyes, all I have is gratitude and confidence in the mission. Not only are we building our own family up, but others as well, from US to West Africa, the connection and love goes deep. 

Just like in West Africa, we work as a family to process the Shea Butter into a finished, product formulated to heal.

I didn't want to trust the kids with labeling right away, but I had to give them a chance to learn, and they did it until they got it right!  Wasted a few labels but the growth was worth it.

With this Holiday season being a whole new experience for all of us, I'm grateful for all the orders and am feeling really blessed this year.

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