Use This Relieve Tension & Headaches

Hey Fam! in this #30daysofwellness I'm sharing my favorite self care exercise and ways to heal yourself of everyday tension and the resulting illness that follows chronic tension. I'll share how I release tension in the neck and up body with these few stretches.

Many times, we get headaches because of stagnant energy, increased stress, lack of vital nutrients, including water.

This video will address headaches from upper body tension, also caused by stress. We respond to mental stress by drawing the shoulders up towards the head. In fact, the energy & oxygen flow of our entire body and being is imbalanced when there is a headache of just perceived tension.

Doing self care rituals like this will slowly melt away that tension and bring more awareness as to when you build it up in your physical reactions to stress. This like this can help you work smarter, be more creative, have better sex, and really that mental stability and health is the FREEDOM, so let's focus on that. Mindfulness for mental health.


As the #selfcarequeen I'm happy to hear this stuff is working for you. Try this for IMMEDIATE results. Lmk what other tips and mindful tricks you need to take full responsibility for you health & wellness. 

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