To be Women in the Skincare Business in Africa

Did you know Shea Butter is called "Women’s Gold" in West Africa? Oby shares some insight on why it's not as bright & shiny as it sounds...

Joining me is the amazing woman that processes the best raw coconut oil! The one we use in GreenBody products... Obiageli Ezeokoli, MD, Agroplanet Ltd.. @agroplanetltd  She shared real life experiences and lessons of building her businesses in Nigeria and beyond. 

Doing Business in Africa as a woman is a unique experience that can be really challenging if you don't understand how to work with it for your benefit. That's part of being a woman, knowing your power and how to get the job done without having to fight for it or change how people think.

3 things to remember

1. Stay true to who you are and advocate for your vision

2. Be culturally literate with wherever & whoever you do business

3. Being a Woman in Business requires knowing how people think, instead of being scared of what people think.

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