Inner Thigh Chafing Remedies & How to Lighten Dark Marks

Thick thighs save lives, but they also rub together and cause pain, irritation, and dark marks. Inner thigh chafing is a climate you create between your thighs, using fabric, friction and heat. 

inner thigh chafing

The levels of irritation from inner thigh chafing depend on the friction created, and it’s not always based off size. Inner thigh chaffing happens to people of all sizes. In the Summer time, thigh chafing can be ten times worse because of the heat , sweating, and humidity. Even after the pain and irritation is gone from inner thigh chafing , the dark marks and scars left behind can be embarrassing.

Here are a handful of ways to prevent inner thighs chafing and treat the dark discoloration that follows. 

  1. Wear protective undergarments like biker shorts to provide a barrier between your thighs. 
  2. Keep the skin between your thighs clean and dry, using a light moisturizer like our Silky Body Oil to reduce friction. 
  3. Use breathable fabrics like cotton versus synthetic polyester blends that increase sweating and humidity. 
  4. Use Citrus oils on your inner thighs at night after a lemon & 20min honey mask
  5. For immediate rash relief, use aloe vera gel 

There’s a lot of articles out there giving advice on which products to use for inner thigh chafing but most of them don't tend to the discoloration afterwards and scars, and depending on the ingredients, can actually cause more damage and slow the healing process. Because inner thighs chafing can cause blisters and swelling, hygiene and wound care are very important to prevent infection and further scarring. 

inner thigh chafing

Here are some products NOT to use for inner thigh chafing and why

Using drying powders can cause caking, which impacts the skin even more and creates opportunities for harmful chemicals to absorb into your body. One of these chemicals is aluminum found in things like baby powders and diaper rash creams and deodorants. Aluminum  isn’t metabolized and excreted by our bodies and hence, wreak havoc on our long term health, including brain function. That’s why you see so many people ditching store bought deodorant these days, we know better. 

When your skin is inflamed and blistered from inner thigh chafing, the last thing you want to do is rub some chemicals in the wounds. The best thing to do is to use simple natural remedies like organic oils and Shea butter that will soothe the irritation and also aid in the healing process, giving your skin a chance to return to its natural tone and beauty. 

Although you might be tempted to exfoliate the darkened skin away, don't. This is thin, delicate skin that can bruise and scar easily with harsh exfoliation. If your thighs are rubbing together, aren't you already exfoliating? Instead use brightening masks with natural ingredients like lemon, turmeric, hibiscus, honey.

inner thigh chafing

Some articles recommend using petroleum jelly your inner thighs chafing remedy, which sounds like a good suggestion, but petroleum jelly is what we call occlusive, meaning it doesn't allow airflow in and therefore makes a great protective barrier. But what brings faster healing is all of the natural elements working together, air, water (natural moisture) fire (sunlight)  and earth (natural oils and ingredients vs synthetic), so don't exclude air from your healing process, otherwise bacteria tends to fester and the rawness stays raw longer. Let that air in by using absorbent oils. 

Lastly, stay away from, is anti-chafing deodorant sticks that have harmful ingredients like preservatives that cause extra drying and cracking of the skin and again, that pesky aluminum.

inner thigh chafing

When it’s time to get dressed, you don't want to combine polyester and one of these drying powders, because you're going to end up with a sticky sandpaper paste between your legs. Trust me, it’s as bad as it sounds. The powder absorbs the extra moisture like kitty litter and presses into the gentle skin between your thighs. Inner thighs chafing might actually be the reason the thigh gap was such a hit years ago. But instead of going to the extreme, let's learn to work with what we got.

If you have suffer from inner thigh chafing right now, that means you're on a healing journey to reclaim comfort in your body. That could look several ways:
  • Reducing water retention by limiting sugar and salty foods
  • Balancing your weight
  • Changing your clothing style and fabric choice
  • Getting the right undergarments and moisturizers to bring your skin's natural beauty back
  • Natural remedies to brighten the dark marks from inner thigh chafing.

For your inner thighs chafing healing journey, I'd like to share with you our GreenBody Silky Body Oil, made with all organic oils including our 10 day botanical infusion of African hibiscus oil that will imbue it's potent vitamin C into your skin and along with the sweet orange essential oil, helping to brighten the dark marks and hyperpigmentation that comes from inner thigh chafing. 

Our silky body oil is made with avocado, safflower, grape seed, and hibiscus oil. This combination creates a heavenly dry oil that doesn't leave your skin oily butt rubs in and allows your thighs to glide, while also brightening the hyperpigmentation and dark scars. Overtime, you'll see that black area between your thighs fades and you won’t have the same flare ups of bumps and rashes as before. Don’t just conceal the problem, heal it! 

Our silky body oil is made with 100% organic oil blend to absorb into your skin, soothe the irritation, and provide the lubrication for thighs to glide across each other like friendly neighbors. 

  • Doesn't get sticky
  • Light silky finish
  • Works to brighten dark chafing marks
  • Reduces bumps & irritation
  • Carries easily in your purse without leaking
  • HIbiscus & Sweet orange oil works to brighten dark marks

Comes in a 3 oz squeeze bottle with safety leak proof cap 

Ingredients: Avocado Oil, African Hibiscus OIl, Safflower OIl, Grape-seed oil, and a Citrus Essential Oil Blend, all organic! 

This product is Seasonal so get it while it's here.


African Hibiscus has more Vitamin C than oranges and tomatoes, making it a superior source for skincare. Vitamin C reduces inflammation from chub rub, while helping to brighten the hyperpigmentation and scars that come from friction. 

Use it all over your body, including hair, since African hibiscus also reduces dandruff and supports healthy hair follicles (including the follicles in your groin) Our Silky Body oil is a blessing from head to toe! 

*Fine sediment is natural and comes from the 10 day hibiscus botanical infusion process

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