DIY skincare Rose Oil infusion

In this blog will make a luxurious Rose infused coconut oil that can be used in your other DIY skin care projects. I'll explain the amazing benefits of rose on skin n and why it's a must-have in your DIY skin care toolbox. 

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Always use raw organic oils as often as possible to avoid those sneaky reactions we get from chemicals like pesticides and synthetic compounds. 

Making your own skin care is all about knowing exactly what's going in your body and being able to relate to what it's doing for you. 

In this tutorial, I’ll outline the...

  1. Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair

Coconut oil is a superior carrier oil that has been traditionally used in West Africa 4 home infusions of herbs and flowers.  In most of our shea butter recipes, you'll find a bit of coconut oil to serve this purpose, but it also has so much more...

  • Skincare: Psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, prevents sagging, wrinkles, absorbs into skin.
  • Hair care: provide protein to  strengthen hair
  • Healing and Infections : speeds up the healing process of tissues with amino acids and provides a protective layer on wounds when applied topically. 

  • Benefits of Rose Oil on your skin 

    • Rose has cooling and soothing properties that  can help with stress-related conditions like acne and lines. Imagine smelling a blossomed rose and that wave of enjoyment that comes, washing away the stress in your mind, and facial expression. 

    Tense facial muscles contribute to dry wrinkled skin, that’s why happy people look better. 

    • Promotes circulation
    • Reduces redness and inflammation

    This visually pleasing project will render you about 1.5 cups of rose oil to be used by itself or in DIY skincare recipes. 

    Let’s get into it!


    6 Organic roses ( I chose red but you can go by what smells the best to you) 

    -Roses grown with pesticides have pesticides in the petals as well, so we don't want to infuse that. It may take a trip to one of those health stores to get organic roses. 

    Raw organic coconut oil fill up melted- raw coconut oil has the most nutrients, vitamins, and amino acid content to do things like speed up healing of scars and preventing a rash from getting infected.


    • Double boiler or oil warmer
    • Cheese cloth
    • Mesh strainer
    • 16 ounce glass jar with lid
    • Spatula 


    1. First make sure you washed and dried the Roses, I left them to dry overnight after rinsing. 

     2. Next cut the rows off the stem including the little seeds inside.

    Ever wonder where rosehip Oil comes from? Rosehip oil is made from those little seeds in the center of the rose, whereas absolute rose oil the most common is made from the Petals of the Roses. In this recipe will use all of it, the whole thing so we get all of the benefits. depending on how fragrant your roses are, these oil might not smell like your favorite rose essential oil, but it does have the benefits natural rose essence.  

    3. After removing all the pedals and seeds from the Roses tear them up into little pieces to increase surface area. You'll get more from your infusions with smaller pieces versus larger pieces. more pieces = stronger infusion in less time.

    4. Fill a 16 oz glass jar with rose petals not packed tightly but also not very loose.

    5. Fill up the jar until rose petals are covered completely. now it's time to use a double boiler or a pot with about 2 inches of water

    6. Bring the pot of water to boil then turn the heat off place the glass jar inside the pot with the lid on (closed 75%, not tightly sealed) 

    7. Leave the jar in the water for about 30 minutes until it becomes cool again then repeat and bring the water to a boil,  placing the jar inside boiling hot water at least two times.

    8. Let jar cool seal it tightly and give it a good shake before storing in a cool dry place for at least 24 hours. 

    9. After 24 hours, heat the oil up one more time til warm. Draining the flowers from the oil is easier with warm oil since cold coconut oil solidifies.

    10. Line a strainer with cheesecloth over a bowl drain rose petals into cheesecloth impress all the oil out. last Lee I gather the corners of the cheesecloth to make a pouch and squeeze out as much oil as I can, always..minimizing waste.

    11. Finally, strain the rose oil one more time through clean cheesecloth to make sure you get the purest oil possible with no debris.Its a great idea to add dried rose petals to this oil afterwards when storing. 

    Now you have an ample amount of Rose infused coconut oil to use in your DIY skin care projects.

    Don't forget to review all the benefits of rose and coconut oil for your skin and hair, so you know how to use these natural concoctions bring out your healthiest most beautiful skin..

    The quality of shea butter you use in your DIY projects means everything, especially since it's the base for most things. The best shea butter I know is ivory, whipped, creamy butter from Northern Nigeria. You can get some here shea butter bulk usa

    How Did you like this tutorial?  Let us know in the comments how you plan to use it in your DIY projects. Stay tuned for the next DIY skin care recipe and tutorial this week.

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